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To showcase the variety of career opportunities available at News Link, we’re featuring a few employees and their respective jobs. If there is one unifying quality among them, it’s that they all strive for greatness in everything they do.


Matt Anderson

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

EXPERIENCE:  I joined News Link in 2005 as a corporate journalist and have worked with clients from New Orleans to Seattle — and just about everywhere in between — to help them establish an environment of camaraderie and safe working habits.  I now apply my field experience to my duties as one of News Link’s editors.

CURRENT JOB DESCRIPTION:  I ensure the copy of nearly 200 publications is not only grammatically sound, but also conforms to our clients’ individual specifications.  Training also is an important aspect of my job. I work with our new employees to ensure the content meets the high level of quality to which our clients are accustomed.

OBSERVATIONS:  Many of our clients work in an industry in which safety is the highest priority, and I’ve heard the phrase “I work safely so I can go home to my family at the end of the day” more times than I can count.  It’s a good feeling knowing the publications I help produce help them get there.

I always considered my work travels an opportunity, not an obligation — there are few lines of work that would’ve allowed me to jet off to the Pacific Northwest one week and the Arizona desert the next.

BEYOND 9 TO 5:  When I’m not playing soccer in a local league, I can be found bicycling on one of eastern Nebraska’s many trails or manning my charcoal grill.