2017 What a Year!

2017 Highlights

News Link journalists trekked more than 200,000 miles across 45 states and five Canadian Provinces to gather content for print, web, video and digital services.

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned while traveling is to remain positive, open-minded and flexible—plans can change at the drop of a hat, and that’s okay,” said Meghan Wiedeburg, Corporate Journalist.

In 2017, News Link created more than 1,200 products for 133 different organizations. This work included: newsletters, web content and management, videos, posters, specialized books with contests, letters, event photography, brochures, postcards, lapel pins, tool bags and hats.“Organizations constantly try to drive their mission, goals and programs to employees and customers. It takes education, awareness and conversation. Our photojournalists take pride in boosting conversation and helping meet goals,” said Dave Zelnio, Vice President.

Throughout the year, we helped customers in the railroad, agricultural, and food production industries, as well as public housing and assisted living agencies, not-for-profit groups and professional associations.

“Special Projects continues to respond to customers’ needs for internal and external communications. In 2017, we helped customers with videos, social media, website upkeep and design, annual reports, holiday cards, letter mailings, calendars, recognition pins and more,” said Leif Nesheim, Special Projects Manager.
One of the most rewarding things about communication is seeking out those unsung heroes who just dig in and get it done every day. It’s easy to overlook work and to forget to recognize people. We’re really honored to do that.“The truth is everyone has a story. Our challenge is connecting genuinely with people to unveil and weave their stories into broader contexts. But if we acknowledge this truth — no matter how ordinary the person in front of us seems — we will have taken a step in the right direction,” said Jaclyn Tan, Training Manager.

“People who have come to do this work and develop our products have created the success of News Link. We know that quality is not just a word; it’s achieving a standard of excellence that is defined to us by our customers. I would give everyone here the credit for the success of News Link,” said Pete Ringsmuth, News Link President.