Family support increases employee engagement

A TeamLease survey, Personal Attributes Affecting Workplace Productivity, reveals that 67 percent of working professionals say their spouses’ attitudes toward their career and relationships with co-workers impacts their productivity.

Dr. Julie Holliday Wayne of Wake Forest University School of Business led a study linking spouse perceptions to employee satisfaction and loyalty.

“The spouse develops an attitude about the company through the employee, and then the way the spouse feels cycles back and influences the employee,” she said. 

News Link Vice President Dave Zelnio said one of the biggest compliments is hearing positive comments from families.

“People spend a lot of time at work,” he said. “So, we reinforce company goals. We paint a picture of the workplace that the family can understand.”

“Workplaces are full of unsung heroes who may not always receive the recognition they deserve,” said Pete Ringsmuth, News Link president. “Everyone holds value, and we’re excited to define that in your newsletter.”